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I’m Brett Jacksoncreative director for hire.

Looking for good work and a good cause.

I design, typeset & animate because “the first bite is with the eyes.”

I work UX because good design is more
than good looks.

I design games
& throw events
to see that look on your faces.

I teach design
because I love to discuss
artful problem solving.

I make comedy because I cannot stop.

I ♥ good work. And commericals. Hear me out.

I love advertising the same way I love Disneyland (and I do love Disneyland). Sure, it’s sugary and primarily for kids — but, friend, it works.

Making a thing work is more than throwing advertising dollars at it – eyeballs aren’t enough anymore. Things work when they surprise, when they connect and when they activate. When they’re authentic and have a story to tell. That works.

So, let’s get creative. Let’s work.


Brett Jackson is a creative director who still gets his hands dirty in the art and interactive. This means he will understand your criteria for success and make you a plan. He can find the great idea and he can actually make it happen.

Brett can think big picture, write copy, and script dialogue. He can identify distinct user personae and wireframe optimal user experience. Brett can animate, he can graphic design and illustrate. Brett can shoot, edit and add motion graphics. He can A/B test, and focus group the results, prototype and iterate. Brett can design games, live or digital. Brett can even code, a little. (Brett has been doing this since 1999, after all.)

He has done all of these things and he can do these things for you – but mostly he works with teams of geniuses doing these things.

You can probably afford him. He’s actually very reasonable. Here, look at the distribution of his Yelp ratings…

Brett Jackson Is A Reasonable Man

Brett skews positive on his ratings, but he’s no sycophant. He uses Yelp first to inform, then to praise and he does not use Yelp’s bully pulpit to punish.

This guy’s the definition of reasonable. Plus, if he’s perfect for the job, we won’t let a thing like money keep us from working together.


Here are some nice display ads – check out the ones I did for Turner Classic Movies and Ford Motors. Want to promote on social media? Check out what I did for Bravo.

Looking for something a bit more in the neighborhood of viral video or TV commercial? I’m especially proud of this Upworthy spot I did for Unilever and the United Nations.

Thinking of something a bit more experiential? This little stunt for 826LA still has people talking.


Check out this Upworthy spot to promote the Paris Climate Summit.


He can make a game that simulates real world skills for students. He can make a zombie game for a city that wants to do something special for Halloween.


Take a peek at what Brett did for the country called Congo and the tequila called Cuervo.

A truck? What are you, a five year old?

Trucks are outside of Brett’s core competencies and you’d be better served consulting a specialist.

Great question, Elvis. I have a few ideas.